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Flexible insurance solutions backed by service excellence

Risk is ever-present and ever-changing. We deliver insurance solutions that enable brokers and clients to explore and grow.

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Since 2007, Peninsula Underwriting has built robust and highly specialised policies for clients across a broad cross-section of industries. As champions of innovation, we recognise the constraints of risk. Leveraging a market-leading portfolio underpinned by long-established relationships with A-rated insurers, we open doors for creativity and exploration. 

In short, we offer peace of mind so that you can chase your potential.

Our commitment to your experience is unwavering, and we deliver competitive rating, rapid quoting, exceptional security, and competitive commissions – all backed by dedicated, friendly service. We know your time is precious, and our streamlined process ensures you get the results you need fast.

Reach out and contact us today, and let’s secure what matters most to you. Our expert team is ready to craft an insurance solution that makes sense.

Dynamic coverage built with your needs front of mind

We understand that no two clients are alike; the risks facing a doctor are vastly different from those facing a manufacturing company. This is why we help you access an adaptable range of products that caters to both standard and complex or niche challenges. Your successes are our successes, so we bring you the resources to prosper, whatever the journey brings. 

Our commitment to sustainable success is not only evident in the quality of the products we provide. It guides our every move, and we believe you will experience the Peninsula Underwriting difference from the moment you pick up the phone. 

Browse our product range today, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require assistance.

We work collaboratively with a broad cross-section of clients and brokers. Our specialist expertise spans property ownership, commercial combined, liability, and financial and professional lines solutions. We also assist clients as they find the D&O insurance, general liability, household coverage, medical malpractice insurance, and professional indemnity they need.

Our expert team is ready and disposable to help you move forward.
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peninsula underwriting is aN approved coverholder